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Web Server Layout

The CSE department runs two web servers that display students' homepages. Our main departmental web server is http://www.cse.buffalo.edu (which is really a machine named alfred.cse.buffalo.edu). Students' homepages are based on their username as http://www.cse.buffalo.edu/~username, and the web server looks in the directory ~/public_html for the homepage. The main departmental web server needs to be as reliable as possible, so this machine does not allow students to have anything other than static HTML files in their web sites.

To allow students access to some of the more advanced web functionality without compromising the stability of the main departmental web server, a second web server is available. This server is http://www-student.cse.buffalo.edu and it accesses students' homepages exactly the same way as the main departmental web server, except that it supports more advanced web functionality. Unlike the main departmental web server, we are also allowing interactive logins to this server so you can look directly at the web server's log files, kill off runaway scripts yourself, etc. The actual hostname of this machine is cheshire.cse.buffalo.edu.

As with the main departmental web server, your home directory is not local on the web server machine itself. Your home directory is hosted on our departmental network-attached storage (NAS) device. When we enable your access to cheshire, the password is taken from sol.

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