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Getting Here

If you want to use the more advanced web features, you will need to set up your web site (also known as your "homepage") so that people viewing it always wind up using this web server for the entire web site, or at least the pieces of it that need to be run on this web server instead of the main departmental web server. To help with this, we have configured this web server to look for DirectoryIndex files in this case-sensitive order:
  1. Index.shtml - HTML plus SSI extensions
  2. Index.html - plain HTML
  3. Index.php - PHP
  4. index.shtml - HTML plus SSI extensions
  5. index.html - plain HTML
  6. index.php - PHP

The http://www.cse.buffalo.edu web server ignores uppercased index filenames Index.shtml, Index.html, and Index.php, so you can call your http://www-student.cse.buffalo.edu index file by one of those (uppercased) filenames, and call your distinct http://www.cse.buffalo.edu index file by a lowercased filename.

If you would like people to wind up using this web server to access your entire web site, you have several options:

  • Tell people that your homepage is at "http://www-student.cse.buffalo.edu/~username/"
  • Set up your index.html file so that it is very simple and contains a link to this server.
  • Set up your index.html file to automatically forward people to this server.
You will want to make sure you provide "Index.shtml" or "Index.html" in your "public_html" directory as the top-level page of your Web Site. If you don't do that and you use either the second or third option above then you will have formed a loop that people visiting your homepage will not be able to get out of because this server will be using the same "index.html" file as our Main Departmental Web Server will be using (so this server will be forwarding to itself).

Instead of setting it up so your entire Web Site gets handled by this Web Server you can set it up so that this Web Server only handles the pieces of your Web Site that the Main Departmental Web Server cannot. In this case just set your Web Site up assuming that it is all being viewed by our Main Departmental Web Server, but when it comes to specifying things like the ACTION for a FORM specify it as a URL that points to this Web Server instead.

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