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portrait of a linguist as a young man

609 baldy hall
(716) 645.2177


Currently, I am trying to streamline the natural language processing done by CASSIE, a SNePS reasoning agent. Building off bits by David Pierce, I am working to fuse LKB with SNePS. Following Pierce's lead, this project goes by the handle Sfy (which I pronounce as a rhyme with `by').

In the sketch below, I use filled circles to denote working bits of code. The squares show my current focus.

Algorithm Outline

Documentation and Presentations:

Integrating Syntactic and Semantic Tools in Sfy: A Case Study in Lexical Acquisition (with a presentation)

On March 26, 2008, I presented a paper at the CSE GSA Grad Conference on two approaches within Sfy for acquiring unknown lexical items.

Reference Resolution Overview

On March 7, 2008, I outlined some of the essential background on reference resolution as a precursor to integrating it into Sfy. The talk focused on aspects of the literature that were most relevant to Sfy and SNePS as opposed to that which was most important to the field. Sfy Overview

On November 2, 2007, I gave a talk before SNeRG. Much of background discussion was gleaned from the following sources: For the sake of posterity, this work is an attempt to replace the original GATN grammars implemented before my time at UB. The primary sources for that research include: Other random sources are as follows: I'll try to keep my bibliography up-to-date.

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