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Development Environment


These servers collectively form CSE's web development environment:

Role Hostname Virtual Hostname Description Namesake OS Server Software
Web server (development) cheshire.cse.buffalo.edu


Serves personal websites in format:


Dedicated web server that provides students with access to advanced web functionality without compromising the stability of the main departmental web server. Allows interactive logins so students can examine web server log files, kill off runaway scripts, etc. Cheshire Cat CentOS Apache HTTP Server
Web server (production) jeeves.cse.buffalo.edu


Serves personal websites in format:


Production web server that needs to be as reliable and highly-available as possible, so its web server configuration does not allow student websites to host anything other than static HTML files. Disallows interactive logins. Reginald Jeeves, Bertie Wooster's butler (a famous fictional 'server') CentOS Apache HTTP Server
Database server (development) tethys.cse.buffalo.edu N/A MySQL server. Tethys (Mythology) FreeBSD MySQL
Database server (production) postel.cse.buffalo.edu N/A MySQL server. Jon Postel FreeBSD MySQL
Home directory server mercury.cse.buffalo.edu N/A Network-Attached Storage (NAS) device. Mercury (Mythology) CentOS N/A

Home Directory

Both web servers serve web content that you have placed in your ~/public_html directory. Your home directory is not local on either web server. Your home directory is hosted on our departmental network-attached storage (NAS) device.


You may login to www-student with your UBIT credentials, because we've delegated authentication to the UBIT Kerberos service.

Directory Layout

The /web filesystem that's mounted on every other departmental machine is not accessible from this machine. www-student has its own local /web filesystem.


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